is 劇場版 呪術廻戦 0 on disney plus

Is 劇場版 呪術廻戦 0 Movie on Disney+?

  • Category: Animation | Runtime: 96 Minutes | Family Friendly: No


  • Year released: 2021
  • Rated: PG-13
  • Runtime: 112 min
  • Genre: Animation, Action, Fantasy
  • Director: Seong-Hu Park
  • Writer: Gege Akutami, Hiroshi Seko
  • Actors: Chinatsu Akasaki, Aya Endô, Kana Hanazawa
  • Country: Japan
  • Awards: 1 nomination
  • BoxOffice: $29,693,448

劇場版 呪術廻戦 0 was released in 2021. It's audience rating is PG-13 and it runs for 112 min. A Animation, Action, Fantasy movie, it was written by Gege Akutami, Hiroshi Seko, directed by Seong-Hu Park; starring Chinatsu Akasaki, Aya Endô, Kana Hanazawa. Yuta Okkotsu is a nervous high school student who is suffering from a serious problem—his childhood friend Rika has turned into a curse and won't leave him alone. Since Rika is no ordinary curse, his plight is noticed by Satoru Gojo, a teacher at Jujutsu High, a school where fledgling exorcists learn how to combat curses. Gojo convinces Yuta to enroll, but can he learn enough in time to confront the curse that haunts him?. 劇場版 呪術廻戦 0 was first released in Japan and has grossed $29,693,448 at the BoxOffice Worldwide. It is available in the Japanese language(s). If you liked 劇場版 呪術廻戦 0, you will enjoy similar Animation movies like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Frozen, Maleficent, Constantine, 映画ドラえもん のび太とふしぎ風使い, .

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Is 劇場版 呪術廻戦 0 (2021) on Netflix?

No. 劇場版 呪術廻戦 0 is not Available on Netflix

Is 劇場版 呪術廻戦 0 (2021) on HBO NOW?

No. 劇場版 呪術廻戦 0 is not Available on HBO NOW