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Memory (2022) Movie on Disney+

  • Category: Mystery Movie
  • Runtime: 96 Minutes
  • Family Friendly: No


  • Year released: 2022
  • Released: 29 Apr 2022
  • Rated: R
  • Runtime: 114 min
  • Genre: Action, Thriller
  • Director: Martin Campbell
  • Writer: Dario Scardapane, Jef Geeraerts, Carl Joos
  • Actors: Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce, Taj Atwal
  • Country: United States
  • Awards: N/A
  • BoxOffice: $7,309,725

About: Alex, an assassin-for-hire, finds that he's become a target after he refuses to complete a job for a dangerous criminal organization. With the crime syndicate and FBI in hot pursuit, Alex has the skills to stay ahead, except for one thing: he is struggling with severe memory loss, affecting his every move. Alex must question his every action and whom he can ultimately trust.. Memory was released on 29 Apr 2022. It's audience rating is R and it runs for 114 min. A Action, Thriller movie, it was written by Dario Scardapane, Jef Geeraerts, Carl Joos, directed by Martin Campbell; starring Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce, Taj Atwal. Memory was first released in United States and has grossed $7,309,725 at the BoxOffice Worldwide. It is available in the English language(s)

Plot: Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson) is an expert assassin with a reputation for discreet precision. Caught in a moral quagmire, Alex refuses to complete a job that violates his code and must quickly hunt down and kill the people who hired him before they and FBI agent Vincent Serra (Guy Pearce) find him first. Alex is built for revenge but, with a memory that is beginning to falter, he is forced to question his every action, blurring the line between right and wrong.

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Is Memory (2022) on Netflix?

No. Memory is not Available on Netflix

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No. Memory is not Available on HBO NOW