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Star Trek

Written by Gene Roddenberry

  • Category: Sci-Fi & Fantasy series
  • Status: Ended
  • Seasons: 3

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Is Star Trek on Disney plus?

No. It looks like Star Trek is not available on Disney Plus.
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About Disney+: Disney plus is the new blockbuster streaming service from the Walt Disney Company. It features content from its rock-star franchises – Marvel, LucasFilms – Star Wars, Pixar, ESPN, National Geographic and its own retinue of Family-friendly Disney content. It will also feature content from soon-to-be-added 21st Century Fox. Very exciting times.

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Space. The Final Frontier. The U.S.S. Enterprise embarks on a five year mission to explore the galaxy. The Enterprise is under the command of Captain James T. Kirk with First Officer Mr. Spock, from the planet Vulcan. With a determined crew, the Enterprise encounters Klingons, Romulans, time paradoxes, tribbles and genetic supermen lead by Khan Noonian Singh. Their mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.

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Best Star Trek Episodes to Watch when on Disney Plus

Episodes Description

S1 Ep28 - The City on the Edge of Forever

Kirk and Spock must travel into the past in order to correct a change that will alter history....
Director: Harlan Ellison
Writer: Joseph Pevney
Rating: 9/10 from 17 votes

S1 Ep22 - Space Seed

The Enterprise picks up a crew of genetic supermen from the 20th century...and their leader, Khan, plans to create a new empire....
Director: Marc Daniels
Writer: Gene L. Coon
Rating: 9/10 from 13 votes

S1 Ep10 - The Corbomite Maneuver

The Enterprise encounters a vast alien ship that sets out to test them....
Director: Jerry Sohl
Writer: Joseph Sargent
Rating: 8/10 from 18 votes

S1 Ep14 - Balance of Terror

Kirk pits the Enterprise against an invisible spaceship testing the Federation's defenses....
Director: Paul Schneider
Writer: Vincent McEveety
Rating: 8/10 from 17 votes

S2 Ep6 - The Doomsday Machine

The starship Enterprise and its heavily-damaged sister ship, the USS Constellation, must work together to stop an alien planet-killing machine headed for the heart of Federation territory....
Director: Norman Spinrad
Writer: Marc Daniels
Rating: 8/10 from 16 votes

S2 Ep1 - Amok Time

First Officer Spock returns to his home world for a brutal Vulcan mating ritual....
Director: Theodore Sturgeon
Writer: Joseph Pevney
Rating: 8/10 from 15 votes

S1 Ep11 - The Menagerie: Part I

Spock kidnaps his former captain, the crippled Christopher Pike, and heads for a quarantined planet, putting his career and Kirk's life on the line....
Director: Marc Daniels
Writer: Gene Roddenberry
Rating: 8/10 from 14 votes

S1 Ep12 - The Menagerie: Part II

Spock's court-martial continues as he attempts to justify his abduction of Pike, the theft of the Enterprise, and his heading for a planet declared forbidden by Starfleet....
Director: Marc Daniels
Writer: Gene Roddenberry
Rating: 8/10 from 14 votes

S2 Ep4 - Mirror, Mirror

A transporter mishap swaps Captain Kirk and his companions with their evil counterparts in a parallel universe. In the so-called Mirror Universe, the Enterprise is a ship of the Terran Empire, an organization as evil as the United Federation of Planets is benevolent....
Director: Marc Daniels
Writer: Jerome Bixby
Rating: 8/10 from 14 votes

S1 Ep25 - The Devil in the Dark

Kirk investigates a series of grisly murders on a mining planet that are the work of a seemingly hostile alien creature....
Director: Gene L. Coon
Writer: Joseph Pevney
Rating: 8/10 from 13 votes

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Is Star Trek on Netflix?

No. Star Trek is not available on Netflix

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No. Star Trek is not available on HBO NOW